ServiceNow Glide Scripting injection leading to privilege escalation

ServiceNow, an enterprise IT service management solution, is vulnerable to an template injection vulnerability, leading to a full privilege escalation.

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                          Telekom Security

     Advisory: ServiceNow Glide scripting injection leading to privilege escalation
 Release Date: 2018/07/27
       Author: Robin Verton (
          CVE: CVE-2018-7748

  Application: ServiceNow <= Release 'Jakarta' Patch 8
         Risk: Critical
Vendor Status: 'Jakarta' Patch 8a was released to fix this vulnerability.


  "The Now Platform delivers a System of Action for the enterprise. Using a
  single data model, it’s easy to create contextual workflows and automate any
  business process. Anyone, from the business user to the professional
  developer, can easily build applications at lightspeed.
  Any application user on the Now Platform can make requests through service
  catalogs, find information in common knowledge bases, and be notified about
  the actions and information they care about the most."[1]


  The / endpoint is prone to a glide script injection
  vulnerability.  It is possible to inject glide code (scripting language) by
  submitting a string in the format '${xyz}' in the sysparm_media parameter. To
  successfully exploit this, an authenticated user is required and any valid
  report id. The following steps will escalate the current user privileges to
  the 'admin' role. This is possible by doing three GlideRecord actions to query
  the database:

   a) Get the current users sys_id.

   b) Get the sys_id for the admin role.
      ${u=new GlideRecord("sys_user_role");u.addQuery("name","admin");

   c) Add admin role from (b) to own record.
      ${gr=new GlideRecord("sys_user_has_role");gr.initialize();

  This is only one example of what could be injected, leading to the highest
  available permissions. A lot of different things can be done by injection of
  Glide code.



Disclosure Timeline:

  04. January     2018 - Details sent to vendor.
  10. January     2018 - Vendor provided patch for verification.
  15. March       2018 - Vendor released patch.
  27. July        2018 - Advisory published.

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